Ladder to the Moon - A Journey from the Congo to America
Ladder to the Moon - A Journey from the Congo to America


Imagine growing up in a peaceful village, surrounded by beauty and family. Then your life takes a terrible turn and you suffer endlessly during the genocide in Congo and Rwanda. A life of liberty, safety, and harmony seems as far away as the moon. And then a miraculous path to freedom and opportunity presents itself. In these pages, you will meet a man who has traveled a distance greater than most of us can imagine, and endured more than most of us can bear. Along the way, he receives God’s grace, and embraces the transformational power of hope and faith.
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Georges Budagu Makoko

About Georges Budagu Makoko

Georges Budagu Makoko is a member of the Banyamulenge—a Tutsi tribe. He was born in the southern Kivu province of Eastern DR Congo, spent his early years living among extended family in his villages, and later moved to the urban areas of the Congo to further his education.

He lived for many years in war-torn Congo and Rwanda. After barely surviving the atrocities in the region, Budagu sought—and was granted—asylum in the United States, taking up residency in Portland, Maine. In 2011, he was sworn in as a citizen of the United States. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

I was born in the southern Kivu province of eastern DR Congo, about three thousand feet above sea level, in the northwest of the high mountains of the Ruzizi plain, in the village of Kahuna. Read more

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